F1 Friday practice photos

A selection of photos I took during Friday practice of both F1 and GP2 cars. My personal favourite is the photo of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull coming through Abbey into Farm Curve.

Verstappen during F1 practice
Red Bull F1
Bottas during F1 practice
Williams F1
Mitch Evans during GP2 practice
GP2 car
GP2 practice
Russian Time GP2
Perez during F1 practice
Force India F1
Wehrlein during F1 practice
Manor F1
GP2 practice
Russian Time GP2

Britcar 24 hours Silverstone 2015

Selection of photos that I took at the Britcar 24 hours at Silverstone in April.

Team LNT during Britcar 24 hours
Team LNT during
Beechdean Motorsport during Britcar 24 hourser
Marc Cars Australia during Britcar 24 hours
Bas Koeten Racing during Britcar 24 hours24
Team Russia by Barwell during Britcar 24 hours
Seat Leon cup racer during Britcar 24 hours

Type in the environment – ‘Things I have learned’

String text

Typographic project looking at the use of type without using a computer. Based around Stefan Sagmeister’s ‘Things I have learned’ book and work, the idea for the project was to photograph handmade typography in an environment. For my text I chose to use the opening two lines of William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’, which I photographed and recorded over the space of four images. The materials that I used to make up the text ranged from string to pieces of wood.

Stones text
Tyger, Tyger text
String text
Burning bright text
chunks of wood
In the forest text
Blue tape text
Of the night text

Photogram images

Football analogy

These are the photogram images that have been used on the T-shirts and are a set of six. They all feature the theme of farming and a football related title or quote.

Text and cows
Cows football photogram
Football related text
Dairy cow photogram

The overall image uses a combination of photography, the photogram process and some digital manipulation on Photoshop. The starting point is a photograph, which in this instance is a dairy cow.

Looking over gate
Dairy cow

From this photo I made a cutout stencil to create the actual photogram, which has been made up from football related text from magazines. Then using Photoshop’s blending layers the photogram and digital image are combined.

Original photogram
Dairy cow photogram