Football photograms

Rooney overhead goal
Rooney overhead goal
Football photogram

So following on from the farm photograms I also produced this set of two football photograms featuring Nemanja Vidic and Wayne Rooney. This time the title or quote is farm related so running repairs refers to an injury and making hay while the sun shines refers to getting the job done by winning – in this case the Manchester derby.

Vidic injury
Football photogram

Photogram images

Football analogy

These are the photogram images that have been used on the T-shirts and are a set of six. They all feature the theme of farming and a football related title or quote.

Text and cows
Cows football photogram
Football related text
Dairy cow photogram

The overall image uses a combination of photography, the photogram process and some digital manipulation on Photoshop. The starting point is a photograph, which in this instance is a dairy cow.

Looking over gate
Dairy cow

From this photo I made a cutout stencil to create the actual photogram, which has been made up from football related text from magazines. Then using Photoshop’s blending layers the photogram and digital image are combined.

Original photogram
Dairy cow photogram